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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-08-17(France) Île-de-FrancefraidfdÎle-de-France Routes Départementalespreview
2019-08-13RomaniaroudjRomania Drumuri Judetenepreview
2019-06-16(Germany) SaarlanddeusllSaarland Landesstraßen 1. Ordnungactive
2019-05-17(Spain) AndalusiaespanAndalusia Red Básica Estructuranteactive
2019-05-12PolandpoldwPoland Droga Wojewódzkaactive
2019-05-01(Spain) CataloniaespctCatalonia Xarxa Básicaactive
2019-04-15IcelandislfIceland Fjallvegiractive
2019-04-05MoroccomarnMorocco Routes Nationalesactive
2019-03-16AustraliaausaAustralia A Roadspreview
2019-03-16AustraliaausabAustralia A Roads (Alt)preview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-08-18(Canada) QuebecA-30 (Becancour)qc.a030becEast end truncated from Riviere Gentilly to Boul. Alphonse-Deshaies
2019-08-18(USA) MarylandMD 658md.md658Added route
2019-08-16RomaniaA1 (Sibiu)rou.a001sibRoute extended at west end from DN76 to DN7
2019-08-15(USA) IdahoID 39id.id039Route extended at south end from intersection at Poactello Avenue to I-86 at exit 40
2019-08-15(USA) IdahoUS 95 Spur (Payette)(NONE)Route deleted
2019-08-15(USA) WashingtonWA 519(NONE)Route deleted
2019-08-14(Germany) BavariaB2 (Bayreuth)deuby.b002bayRoute extended at north end from A9 exit 41 to roundabout with St2181 and St2460
2019-08-14(Germany) BavariaSt2181 (Main)deuby.st2181Route extended at west end from St2163 to B2
2019-08-14(Germany) BavariaSt2460deuby.st2460Route extended at south end from St2183 to B2
2019-08-12(USA) Virgin IslandsVI 703vi.vi703New designation replaces what was previously labeled VI753 (Golden Rock)
2019-08-12(USA) Virgin IslandsVI 750vi.vi750Truncated at east end to VI 751
2019-08-12(USA) Virgin IslandsVI 752vi.vi752Extended west along what was previously mapped as part of VI 750
2019-08-03(Germany) SaxonyA72deusn.a072Route extended at north end from exit 26 to exit 28
2019-08-02(Spain) Valencian CommunityCV36espvc.cv036Route truncated at east end from Avinguda de les Tres Creus to V30
2019-08-02(Spain) Valencian CommunityV30espvc.v030Route extended at east end from exit 0A to Peurto
2019-08-02(UK) ScotlandA737sct.a0737Route removed from Dalry town centre and relocated onto bypass between B707 and B714
2019-08-02FranceA140fra.a140Route truncated at north end from exit 4 to exit 3
2019-08-02FranceN13 (Neuilly-sur-Seine)fra.n013neuRoute truncated at west end from A14_E to A14
2019-08-02FranceN188(NONE)Route deleted
2019-08-02FranceN314(NONE)Route deleted