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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2020-02-12RomaniaroudjRomania Drumuri Judeteneactive
2020-01-28(France) Grand-Estfragesd52Grand-Est Routes Départementales (Haute-Marne)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd77Île-de-France Routes Départementales (Seine-et-Marne)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd78Île-de-France Routes Départementales (Yvelines)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd91Île-de-France Routes Départementales (Essonne)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd92Île-de-France Routes Départementales (Hauts-de-Seine)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd93Île-de-France Routes Départementales (Seine-Saint-Denis)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd94Île-de-France Routes Départementales (Val-de-Marne)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd95Île-de-France Routes Départementales (Val-d'Oise)preview
2020-01-11(France) Île-de-FranceÎle-de-France Routes Départementalessplit

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2020-02-22(UK) EnglandA421 (Milton Keynes)(NONE)Route removed
2020-02-22(UK) EnglandA505 (Thorn)eng.a0505thoRoute added
2020-02-22(UK) EnglandA5145eng.a5145Route removed from Heaton Lane and relocated onto new link road between ToA560 and A6
2020-02-22(UK) EnglandA6188eng.a6188Route removed from Manchester Road and relocated onto Belmont Way between A626_N and A6
2020-02-22(UK) EnglandA626eng.a0626Route extended at west end from southern junction with A6188 to A6
2020-02-22(UK) ScotlandA8082 (Torvean)sct.a8082torRoute removed
2020-02-22(UK) ScotlandA953sct.a0953Route added
2020-02-22(USA) TexasTX Loop 281tx.lp0281Removed from a demolished ground-level roadway, and relocated onto a parallel bridge over FM 2087 and the Palestine Subdivision railway, between a TX Loop 281 U-turn ramp and a closed intersection labeled *OldTXLp281.
2020-02-22IranF3 (Tehran)irn.f003tehRoute added
2020-02-22NamibiaA1nam.a001Route extended at north end from northern D1473 junction to Osona Airstrip
2020-02-22PakistanM11pak.m011New Route
2020-02-22Sri LankaE01lka.e001Route extended at south end from B631 to A2
2020-02-16(USA) IllinoisIL 150il.il150Renamed StaSt->IL3_N and IL3_N->HolSt
2020-02-16(USA) IllinoisIL 3il.il003Removed from State Street/IL 150 between Stacy Street and Holmes Street and relocated onto Stacy Street and Stanwick Street
2020-02-16(USA) IowaUS 61 Business (Maquoketa)(NONE)Route deleted
2020-02-16(USA) MissouriI-55 BL (Crystal City)(NONE)Route deleted
2020-02-16(USA) MissouriMissouri 465(NONE)Route deleted
2020-02-16(USA) MissouriMissouri 76mo.mo076Removed from main road through Branson, now known as 76 Country Boulevard, and rerouted onto MO 465 (replacing that route) and US 65 between a point just east of MO 265 and the US 65/65 Business interchange, Renamed already existing point MO248->MO248_W, Renamed former MO 465 exit at MO 248 MO248_E
2020-02-16(USA) MissouriUS 36 Business (Hannibal)(NONE)Route deleted
2020-02-16(USA) MissouriUS 61 Business (Hannibal)(NONE)Route deleted